Grammarland Answer Page

Chapter 1: Mr. Noun

Any 20 nouns

Chapter 2: Little Article

Any six nouns with an article before each one (a, an, the)

Chapter 3: Mr. Pronoun

Poem 1: Lines 3 & 4 Change “The man” to he

Poem 2: Line 1 Change “Bo-peep” to her

Line 2 Change “sheep” to them

Line 3 Change “sheep” to them and they

Line 4 Change “sheep’s” and “sheep” to their and them

Poem 3: Line 2 Change “Matilda” to her

Line 3 Change “the spectacles” to they

Line 4 Change “Matilda” to she

Chapter 4: Sergeant Parsing’s Visit

17 Nouns: sailors – ship of war* – monkey – board – monkey – men – cannon – day – dinner – match – men – touchhole – mouth – cannon – ball – ball – monkey

8 Pronouns: they – he – he – it – he – he – it – it

13 Articles: a – a – the – the – a – a – the – the – the – the – the – the – the

* While the individual words “ship” and “war” are nouns, the term “ship of war” is a name of a type of ship and is therefore considered one noun. This term is usually hyphenated (ship-of-war).

Chapter 5: Mr. Adjective

There are 38 adjectives; 42, if you count the four adjectives already crossed out as examples (long, long, grey, and old): (answer suggestion: castle doesn’t belong)

widowed – one –only – beautiful – bright – good – terrible – timid – dear – strong – cruel – rough – simple – maidenly – simple – quiet – one – great – castle – noble – gallant – young – wicked – strong – weak – poor – fair – young – girlish – battered – noble – dear – girlish – brave – rightful – foolish – daring – timid

Chapter 6: Mr. Adjective Tried for Stealing

Truthful or truthless – childish – faithful or faithless – babyish – hopeful or hopeless – foolish – careful or careless – virtuous – sleepy – senseful or senseless – Northern – Eastern – ladylike – dirty – manly – wooden – lovely – fiery – golden – poisonous – dangerous – silky or silken – Southern – Western

Chapter 7: The Quarrel between Mr. Adjective & Mr. Pronoun & Little Interjection

24 Nouns: boy, mother, school, boys, pond, boys, ice, boy, water, Harry, home, hands, oranges, boy, scolding, fright, oranges, Harry, rogue, mouth, hair, mother, fright, box

11 Articles: the, the, the, the, the, the, a, a, a, a, the

27 Adjectives: naughty, Harry’s, other, big, thin, my, poor, dear, black, cold, my, darling, any, full, naughty, great, naughty, careless, tiresome, you, little, my, my, your, poor, lovely, Christmas

Chapter 7 answers continued:

25 Pronouns: That, she, him, He, he, it, them, I, he, he, he, I, one, he, I, his, I, him, me, me, he, you, me, I, you

7 Interjections: Alas, Alas, Oh, Ah, Oh, What, There

Chapter 8: Dr. Verb

1-Sit, 2-said, 3-play, 4-trifle, 5-laugh, 6-talk, 7-is, 8-shall have, 9-left, 10-sat, 11-bent, 12-chose, 13-is, 14-cried, 15-seen (or have seen), 16-mind, 17-replied, 18-disturb

Chapter 9: Dr. Verb’s Three Tenses and Number and Person

had – have or having – will have

lived – live or living – will live

sang or had sung – sing or singing – will sing

rang or had rung – ring or ringing – will ring

  • Verbs ending in -ing are in the present continuous tense

Chapter 10: Sergeant Parsing in Schoolroom-shire Again

34 Nouns:  man, labour, arms, heart, wife, children, famine, land, work, man, money, penny, food, children, neighbour, children, food, bread, man, man, debts, money, charity, man, neighbour, food, children, Brother, neighbour, crust, bread, food, food, times

15 Articles:  A, a, a, the, The, the, a, a, the, a, the, the, a, the, the

16 Adjectives: strong, brave, little, all, rich, little, rich, just, poor, another, poor, little, poorer, little, that, hard

31 Pronouns: his, he, he, his, his, himself, he, he, his, he, My, I, them, me, I, I, my, I, you, I, you, himself, me, my, he, we, ourselves, you, us, they, them

0 Interjections:  (although “Go!” could be considered an interjection)

18 Verbs– past: lived, had, supported, came, failed, spent, had saved, had, went, said, said, went, said, said, divided, was, lasted, had passed

12 Verbs – present: Go!, to buy, crying, have, to give, am, pay, owe, give, Give, have, remains

1 Verbs – future: shall share

*Verb phrases and single verbs are both counted as being one verb.

Chapter 11: The Nominative Case

17 Nominatives: hen, cow, beaver, lapwing, they, bee, ant, bear, I, I, I, I, maidens, children, boys, aunt, uncle

30 Nouns*: hen, chicks, cow, beaver, mud, sticks, lapwing, Germany, boar, bee, honey, home, ant, store, bear, honeycomb, doll, dears, heath, day, week, dears, maidens, children, boys, capers, aunt, maid, uncle, papers

9 Pronouns: her, they, I, my, I, I, her, I, she

Chapter 12: Adverb

Columns 1 & 2: Add the suffix -ly to each word

Column 3: free and awful should be followed by -ly. For pretty, dainty, funny, and happy, cross out the “y” at the end, then add the suffix –ily. (Example: prettily)

Chapter 13: Preposition

In the poem below, the 17 prepositions are underlined, and the lines in which Preposition has nothing to say are in bold (a total of 5 lines).

Beside a bluebell on the heath,

Among the purple heather,

A fairy lived, and crept beneath

The leaves in windy weather.

She drank the dewdrops from the stalk,

She peeped into the flower;

And then she went to take a walk,

Or ride for half-an-hour

She rode upon a cricket’s back,

She came before the Queen,

The fairy Queen, with all her court,

Within the forest green.

They had a dance upon the grass,

Till larks began to sing;

And where they danced, as all may know

They left a fairy ring.

Oh, pretty fairies! Why not stay,

That we may at you peep?

Why will you only dance and play

When we are fast asleep?

Chapter 14: Prepositions Govern the Objective Case


When a noun or pronoun is the subject, it is nominative (“we went for a walk”, “to look for us”)

When a noun or pronoun come after a preposition, it is objective (“in the forest,” “after him.”)

Chapter 15: Conjunction

22 Nouns: traveller, India, day, companions, tree, horror, eyes, tiger, bank, crocodile, mouth, eyes, terror, tiger, noise, nothing, eyes, tiger, mouth, crocodile, beasts, traveller

13 Articles: a, a, the, a, a, a, the, a, the, the, the, the, the

11 Adjectives: one, two, bright, ready, high, large, great, open, tremendous, two, wild

14 Pronouns: his, he, he, his, him, He, him, its, He, his he, he, He, his

1 Interjection: lo!

19 Verbs and Verb Phrases: strayed, went to sleep, awoke, to spring, leaped, to run, fell, was coming, shut, waited, heard, spring, followed, felt, opened, sprung, were struggling, sprang, ran

10 Conjunctions: and, When, but, for, and, for, but, and, and, and

Chapter 16: Active Verbs Govern the Objective Case

Page 1 top left: pronoun, verb, article, noun, preposition, article, noun

Page 1 bottom left: article, noun, verb, article, noun

Page 1 top right: pronoun, verb, article, noun, preposition, pronoun/possessive adjective, noun

Page 1 bottom right: pronoun, adverb, verb, article, adjective, noun

Page 2 top left: interjection, pronoun, verb, article, noun, preposition, pronoun/possessive adjective, noun

Page 2 bottom left: noun, verb, article, noun, preposition, pronoun

Page 2 top right: pronoun, verb, verb, preposition, pronoun, preposition, pronoun/possessive adjective, noun

Page 2 bottom right: noun, verb, verb, preposition, article, noun

Page 2 bottom center: article, verb, noun, noun, adjective
Chapter 17: Sergeant Parsing’s Story for the Examination

34 Nouns: Garden, squirrel, ground, foot, tree, nest, creature, hand, house, milk, tail, back,nose, paws, friend, night, bed, morning, cousin, breakfast, milk, saucepan, milk, saucepan, pet, pain, spoonful, milk, creature, moan, paint, saucepan, squirrel, arms

16 Articles: The, a, the, the, a, the, the, the, a, a, the, a, the, a, The, the

24 Adjectives: young, tall, little, soft, warm, warm, pretty, curly, soft, some, doll’s, some, little, green, ill, another, poor, little, pitiful, dead, green, doll’s, poisonous, little

49 Pronouns: I, I, It, I, my, I, it, we, it, it, It, its, its, it, its, its, It, me, it, me, I, it, me, it, I, it, my, It, she, I, it, my, she, we, our, I, it, It, it, We, it, we, it, we, it, we, our, it, our

2 Interjections:  Ah, Alas

35 Verbs and Verb Phrases: was walking, found, had fallen, took, carried, fed, revived, sat up, rubbed, seemed, to look, knew, came, made, slept, took, wants, said, will warm, boiled, fed, cried, is, is struggling, were, tried, to warm, gave, gave, saw, was, was, had killed, was lying

17 Conjunctions: when, and, and, and, as if, When, and, So, and, as if, and, but, and, and, while

10 Adverbs: Once, from, carefully, There, quickly, soon, then, for, cosily, soon

20 Prepositions: in, on, at, of, in, into, with, with, over, with, to, for, beside, for, in, in, in, of, on, in