Graphing Scientific Data


Match the images above to the type of graph:

Pie Chart ______________

Flowchart _____________

Pictograph ____________

Bar Graph ____________

Organizational Chart ___________

Line Graph  ________________

Cosmograph  ______________

(Answers: G, C, E, B, A, F, D  )

Determine which graph would be best to use for the following situations.

  1. Show the percent of students from each county in your state
  2. Show the income versus expenditures of a business
  3. Show the steps for completing an assignment using a dropbox
  4. Compare the results in the canned food drive in an easy to read graph
  5. Show the decrease in cancer cases after use of a pesticide is reduced in a certain city
  6. Show the structure of company employees and who they report to
  7. Show the class distribution of different eye colors in a 2nd grade class

(Answers:  1.  Pie chart, 2. Cosmograph, 3. Flow chart, 4.  Pictograph, 5.  Line Graph, 6.  Organizational Chart, 7.  Bar Graph)