Headers and Footers

We’re going to add a little more organization to our page. You’ve probably heard of headers and footers. These are both part of the body of your code. The header goes at the top of your webpage, while the head HTML tag goes at the top of your code. The head, remember, contains your secret thoughts you keep to yourself. The header, on the other hand, might be a banner. It will often include a company’s logo and a menu.

The footer goes at the bottom of the website page. It often includes contact and copyright information. Today we’ll just set it up. Soon we’ll add that navigation menu and the little copyright symbol.



<title>Lesson 6</title>




<h1>Logo Image and Company Name and Snazzy Menu</h1>



<li>first item</li>

<li>second item</li>


<p>Important information about us</p>



<li>Phone Number</li>






Test it out and give it a try in your browser.

Watch the video and see what the code does.