History of the Periodic Table Review

Answer the questions and check your answers at the end.  Record your score out of 9 points (subtract a point for each question you get incorrect).

The word “atom” comes from the Greek word “atomos” which means:
a. divisible
b. indivisible
c. invisible

Which of the following is in correct scientific notation?
a. 16.5 x 103
b. 3.0 x 33
c. 1.3 x 103
d. 0.54 x 103

Mendeleev arranged the elements by increasing atomic:
a. number
b.  mass
c.  theory

A few elements were out of place on Mendeleev’s periodic table. Name the scientist who put them in the right place.
a.  Mendeleev
b.  Democritus
c. Moseley
d.  Dalton

The periodic table makes a great cheat sheet. You will get in serious trouble if you are caught using this cheat sheet in class.

What is it about the elements in a column of the periodic table that makes them behave similarly?
a.  atomic number
b.  atomic mass
c.  electron distribution

Which of the following is the noble gas distribution for arsenic?
a. [Kr] 4s23d104p3
b. [Ar] 4s23d104p3


(ANSWERS:  B, C, B, C, F, C, B)