List of Dominant and Recessive Genes

Here is a list of some of the known dominant and recessive genes.


hairy body

baldness for men

broad nose

hazel or greeneyes

high blood pressure

large eyes


naturally curly hair




short in height


tall in height


straight hair

normal vision

small eyes

not bald

little body hair

narrow nose

blue or gray eyes

normal blood pressure


A blood type O blood type
Abundant body hair Little body hair
Astigmatism Normal vision
B blood type O blood type
Baldness (in male) Not bald
Broad lips Thin lips
Broad nose Narrow nose
Dwarfism Normal growth
Hazel or green eyes Blue or gray eyes
High blood pressure Normal blood pressure
Large eyes Small eyes
Migraine Normal
Mongolian Fold No fold in eyes
Nearsightedness Normal vision
Rh factor (+) No factor (Rh -)
Second toe longest First or big toe longest
Short stature Tall stature
Six fingers Five fingers normal
Webbed fingers Normal fingers
Tone deafness Normal tone hearing
White hair streak Normal hair coloring