Literary Analysis Project

Make a literary analysis project: power point, sway, etc. OR write a paper or oral presentation to give.

Some potential topics for your presentation might include:

  • Theme of your novel (meaning and evidence throughout the story)
  • Symbolism in the novel (instances and meanings)
  • Character analysis (motives of character, appearance, etc. and how they are all tied together and to the story)
  • Comparison/contrast between two character (protagonist/antagonist relationship)
  • Setting of your novel (how the author uses the setting to reach the reader and impact the plot)
  • Conflict in your novel (what is it, who is involved, what makes it important)
  • The history of your novel (why it is important to the story and how the author uses it)

Requirements for the Project

  • 10 – 12 Slides 
  • Must contain 5 images (with citations)
  • MLA format (include correct page headings on all pages)
  • Must contain in-text citations, correctly formatted
  • Must contain at least five quotes/paraphrases: two from your novel and three from outside sources
  • Title Slide with MLA Header & Works Cited Slide
  • A minimum of five sources for your presentation including the novel. So you can count your novel as one source, and then find four more outside sources. You may have no more than three websites for your sources. Use books, journal articles, etc.
  • If you don’t do a Power Point, these will be a little different for you, but this will give you the idea of what you need. Do include images no matter what you choose to do.

Helpful hints for gathering your research:

  1. Take notes as you read your novel.
  2. Write down important or interesting quotes with page numbers.
  3. Write down interesting facts in your novel (setting, character actions, plot points, etc.).
  4. Develop a potential thesis and look for information to support that as you read.
  5. Look for outside sources as you read you novel. Keep a list of these (title, author, location, date, etc.).


Adapted From Georgia Virtual Learning