Magnetism Key Terms

Solenoid-a long, helically wound coil of insulated wire

Magnetic domain-a group of atoms whose magnetic fields are aligned in the same direction

Magnetic field-A region in which a magnetic force can be detected

Electromagnetic induction-the process of creating a current or voltage in a circuit loop by moving a conductor through a magnetic field

Generator-a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy

Alternating current-a current that changes direction at regular intervals

Direct current-a current that flows in the same direction

Transformer-A device that increases or decreases the voltage or alternating current

Magnet-A material or object that produces a magnetic field

Right hand rule-a useful way to visualize the direction of a magnetic force

Electromagnet-A temporary magnet whose magnetic field is produced by an electric current

Electric motor-a machine that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy

Compass-an instrument for determining direction relative to the Earth’s magnetic poles