Metric Conversions Review

Self-Assessment and Practice

How many centimeters are in one meter?
What is the first thing you do in any conversion question?
Figure out which conversion facts you need.
Punch numbers into the calculator.
Figure out if you need to multiply or divide.
Set up the problem in the question mark format.
Which of the following could be used as a conversion factor?
1000 m = 1 mm
1000 mm = 1 m
100 m = 1 cm
1000 cm = 1 m
When you use a conversion factor in a problem, how do you decide what should go on top and what should go on bottom?
Use the units to guide you.
Take a guess and hope for the best.
The larger unit always goes on bottom.
The smaller unit always goes on bottom.
What do you do when you don’t know a conversion factor between the two units in the problem?
Make something up.
Give up and take a nap.
Use multiple conversion factors.
Change the problem.
Which of the following is in correct scientific notation?
16.5 x 10³
3.0 x 3³
1.3 x 10³
0.54 x 10³