Murder Mystery

Mixed Reception – Final Case Report

[Part 1 – Evidence]

    1. An unknown substance was present in Nelson’s blood. What is this substance and how did it get into his blood?
      The unknown substance is the antivenom. The anti-toxin will bind to anything with a certain structure. When comparing the pictures, you see that the spider venom, which reacts with the anti-toxin has a very similar chemical structure to Nelson’s peanut allergy drug.
    2. What is the molar mass (molecular weight) of the allergy drug?
      167.16 g/mol.
    3. What is the molar mass (molecular weight) of the anti-venom?
      598.66 g/mol.
    4. The molar mass (molecular weight) of the unknown substance in Nelson’s blood is 765.82. What is this substance?
      Adding the weight of the anti-toxin and the compound C to the weight of the peanut allergy drug, it equals the weight of the unknown substance found in Nelson’s bloodstream.
    5. The coroner’s report indicates that Nelson died from an allergic reaction, yet he was taking a drug for this. Can you explain why he would still die from peanuts?
      The unknown substance combined with Nelson’s peanut allergy drug and cancelled out the effects of the peanut allergy drug.
    6. Did Nelson take his medication that day? Was the correct concentration of medication present in his blood?
      Yes, Nelson did take his medication that day. However, the amount was lower than required.
    7. You found an abstract on Sam’s desk. Is this evidence relevant to your solution? Why or why not?
      Yes. It showed how the compound C combines with the spider toxin.
    8. There were pills found in Joanna’s office. Is this evidence relevant to your solution? Why or why not?
      It is possible Joanna took the pills for Sam.
    9. Are Joanna’s emails important evidence in support of your solution?
      They did not provide any important information.
    10. Was any of the food or drink left at the crime-scene important evidence for your case? Why or why not?
      Yes, the peanuts and related products provided a way to cross reference with the other evidence.

[Part 2 – Conclusions]

  1. Who did it?
    Sam Mellon
  2. Why did they do it?
    Sam was jealous of Nelson receiving all of the credit.
  3. How did they do it?
    Sam knew what would happen if Nelson had the anti-toxin in his bloodstream in addition to the peanut allergy medication.