Narrative Grading Rubric

Use this rubric to score the Personal Narrative Assignment. (Adapted from GAVL; pdf version from GAVL)
Total maximum points for this assignment is 30.

Ideas (maximum 5 points)

  • 5 points for exciting, engaging experience with memorable details shared
  • 3 points for a main experience that needs additional details or if story adds details that do not pertain to the main experience
  • 1 point if there is not a main experience being conveyed and lack of details

Organization (5 points maximum)

  • 5 points: well-organized and engaging paper with clear beginning, middle, and end
  • 3 points: order of events may be mixed up, transitions needed to clarify beginning, middle, and end
  • 1 point: unorganized, confusing

Voice (maximum 5 points)

  • 5 points: interesting, engaging personal voice; excellent use of dialogue
  • 3 points: personal voice can usually be distinguished, more dialogue needed
  • 1 point: does not engage reader; lack of dialogue

Word Choice (5 points maximum)

  • 5 points: descriptive and vivid word choice
  • 3 points: adequate word choice, could use more descriptions
  • 1 point:  little or no consideration given to word choice, not descriptive

Sentence fluency

  • 5 points: original, interesting; sentence structure varies; easy to read
  • 3 points: some variation in sentence structure, some unclear sentences
  • 1 point: unclear and confusing, sentence do not flow or make sense

Conventions (5 points maximum)

  • 5 points: no errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation
  • 3 points: some errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation
  • 1 point: many errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation