Nationalism in China, Turkey, and India


  1. What was Sun Yat Sen’s goal for China?
  2. Why did Sun Yat Sen begin receiving help from the Communists?
  3. Who succeeded Sun Yat Sen after he died?
  4. What were the two main opposing forces in the Chinese Civil War from 1924-1950?
  5. Who was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk?
  6. What were Ataturk’s goals for Turkey?
  7. How did Ataturks views on “westernization” differ from fundamental Islamic groups?
  8. Who was Mohandas Gandhi and what were some of his basic beliefs?
  9. Describe Gandhi’s “nonviolence” approach to protesting.  Was this method effective?
  10. What happened to Gandhi?  Was his movement successful?




Questions from a Georgia Virtual Learning source