New Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus Course 2022

If you are in the Pre-Calculus portion of the course, then this doesn’t affect you. Ignore this and continue on.

The trigonometry portion of our old course changed on us. We linked to CK 12, and we don’t know what happened, but the course is no longer matching the answer key that we have or that CK12 provides with the course. I wrote back and forth with them for a week, but they haven’t been able to help us, and I couldn’t leave you hanging, so I made a new version of the course. The Pre-Calculus portion is the same assignments. The base for that course comes from

The new trigonometry portion uses Khan Academy and Yay Math!, doing the topics in the one and then the other. This new trig course is shorter than the old one. The new course is JUST 160 days. That still counts as a full one-credit course.

Some of you will need to jump back in lesson number to find your spot since the trig portion of the course got shorter. Consider that your course just got 20 lessons shorter. If you are jumping back more than 20 lessons, there are some catch-up review days in the pre-calc portion of the course that you could potentially skip if you wanted to keep your lesson count moving along.

If you have been using the trig portion and have been able to adapt to the assignment numbers not matching the answer key, then feel free to keep going if you feel confident with that. The old course will remain on the site through the end of the school year, summer 2023. If you are in the Pre-Calculus portion, then this doesn’t affect you. Keep going.

WE WOULD SUGGEST THAT ANYONE IN THE FIRST QUARTER of the trigonometry/pre-calculus course, switch to the new course. On My EP, please go to Settings and click on Next Course or Previous Course and look for NEW: Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus.