Newspaper Project

Short Story Newspaper Project

For this project, you will put together a newspaper that covers the stories you
read in this unit.

Articles for your Newspaper

You will write six articles for your paper.  There should be three for each story we
read in this unit.  You can choose from the article types below, however, you can only
write one of each type of article:

  • News Feature Story/Cover Story (could have up to two of these)
  • Opinion article
  • Horoscope
  • Dear Abby letter
  • Obituary
  • Sales/Help Wanted
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Business
  • Outdoor Living
  • “To Do”
  • Comic Strip

You can choose any six of these article types, but the article must deal with and contain details from the short stories:

  • “The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor”
  • “A Hunger Artist”

Be sure to include facts from your story, while using creativity.  For instance, you might use story details to write a horoscope for any of the characters in these selections.  You could also create a help wanted ad geared to one of the characters.  For instance, the help wanted ad might be for a hunger artist that the main character of that story could fill.  Whichever pieces you choose to write, you must have at least two multi-paragraph articles.  You must choose at least two lengthy stories to write (2-3 paragraphs).  The others can fill in as you choose.

Don’t forget to create a title for your newspaper, along with page numbers, section headings, etc.

Pictures for your Newspaper

You will also need to include at least two images in your newspaper.  These should be pictures that represent aspects of the story you are writing about for the paper.  The pictures can be from other sources, but remember that you must cite where you found the picture. Pixabay is a good site for stock/free domain images.

Adapted from a Georgia Virtual Learning assignment