Non Fiction Writing Assignment

For this project, you will delve into the realm of nonfiction and find interesting facts about a particular event in history. You will create a newsletter detailing points about the event, then you will write a 30 – 60 second audio podcast that summarizes the event.

Step 1 – Newsletter

 For this part of the project, you will create a newsletter that highlights details of the chosen event. It should contain at least 5 sections, with varying information from the time period (people, places, occurrences, social information, and entertainment). It may also contain more, such as weather, horoscopes, etc. Each section is expected to have at least two – three well-developed paragraphs, with solid information. It will also need to include at least three graphics, but may contain more.

Guidelines for sections:

People – 2-3 people who were important during this time period/event; why they were important; how they influenced the region, world, etc.   (If it was a Civil War newsletter, it might discuss Abraham Lincoln, General Sherman, and Robert E. Lee)

Places – where the event(s) took place, time of the event, etc. (The Civil War newsletter might cover areas from Charleston through Atlanta).

Occurrences – specifics of event(s) of that period. (The Civil War newsletter might cover the burning of Atlanta or Battle of Gettysburg)

Social Information – what was going on in the community at that time. (The Civil War newsletter might cover how slavery impacted the war)

Entertainment – how people spent their time during this event (The Civil War newsletter might cover the dances of the time period, war effort events, etc.

Step 2 – Write a podcast for the event summarizing it. You can do this live for an audience or record yourself. It should be less than a minute.


Suggested Project Topics

  1. The Nile and Imperialism
  2. The Nile River and the Egyptian World
  3. Progressive Era and Theodore Roosevelt
  4. Theodore Roosevelt and the Cuban War
  5. The Kiowa People and Cutthroat Massacre
  6. Europeans and Native Americans

* You will need to include a works cited page (MLA format) in addition to your newsletter and audio recording. This can be on a separate page and should include all works used to gather your information, as well as the images you use.