Old Letter


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My interpretation as best I can read and understand it. Forgive the bad Irish joke. : until I gave them one share an article was sold for 24 (pounds, the L) at a loss of so much per cent. What was the cost price? Well a number got 20 (pounds) for the answer so I retired badly wounded. Smith called at night school last Friday and told me he had seen you and survived — so I asked him to remember me to you, which I hope the varlet did. Have you heard the letter story of the German soldier who had his foot shot off and asked the Irish private to carry him to the rear. On the way a shell took off the German’s head but (Nuick – later looks like Mick, referring to someone who is Irish) went on ignorant of the fact. On arrival, the C.O. said, “What’s the good of bringing in a man with his head shot off Mick?” “His head, is it,” say Mick, “He told me it was his foot”! So Cheer up, ?, you’ll soon be up and doing, and will appreciate the liberty and freedom and Sunshine and open air more than you did before the Experiment. Best wishes, R.J. Stephenson