We’re going to write more on our page today. We have our headings, now we’re going to add paragraphs.

This is another preset format in HTML. When you use a paragraph tag, it will automatically put a space before and after what you are writing, setting it off as a paragraph.

When website developers want to show off the look of sites they are designing but don’t have content for it yet, they use filler text. It’s a set thing that everyone uses; it’s a piece of ancient Latin literature. You can search up Latin filler text and find it.

We can use it in our paragraph practice today.

Start with your html tag and then add a title. Then add several paragraphs. Try different spacings like we practiced in the headings video to see how the browser will react. Remember, these are preset formats in the html. It has already been told how to treat a paragraph and will always do what it’s been told. Just remember that if you feel like it’s not listening to you. It’s got someone else who told it what to do.


<h1>Paragraph Practice</h1>

<p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, modus soluta contentiones vis at, summo voluptaria mediocritatem nam ex, quo eu vidit fuisset consulatu. Dolorem expetenda ne est. Vidisse euismod habemus ad mea. Ea vidit scripta est, has liber fastidii ut. Ad albucius convenire sea, pri et magna partiendo dissentiunt, an sit dictas platonem. Magna eleifend efficiantur in eos, mel partem facete omittam et, ad illum causae postulant eam.</p>


The spacing doesn’t matter. This paragraph will look just like the other. There won’t be an extra space at the beginning or the end.


<p>       Can I put in a “tab” like this by adding spaces?          What about spaces within the paragraph?


Do those stay there? What does it do? Save your file to find out!



<h2>End of paragraph practice</h2>



You can see what this looks like in the browser by watching the video.