Physics Unit 3 Vocabulary

Distance– how far an object has traveled or moved.

Displacement– the change in position of an object.

Speed– the rate of motion, represented as the distance divided by time.

Average Velocity– the rate of motion in specific direction, represented by the total displacement divided by the time.

Instantaneous velocity– the velocity of an object at any instant of time.

Acceleration– the rate at which the velocity changes over time.

Acceleration due to gravity– the rate of change of the velocity of an object in free fall.

Free fall– the motion of an object acted on by the sole influence of gravity.

Kinematics equation– Equations used to calculate the motion for objects traveling at a constant acceleration.

Motion graphs– representations used to show how far a body has travelled, how fast it is moving and how it is changing speed.

Projectile– any object that is under the sole influence of gravity.

Trajectory– the path a projectile follows through space as a function of time.

Terminal Velocity– the maximum velocity reached by a falling object.