Nigeria in 2 Minutes Project

100 Points

For this project you will record an audio of Nigeria’s chronological history with music.

The history you record will be a concise history of the  country set to music.

Project Guidelines and Rubric
What to include:
Your story should include the following eras in Nigerian history:
Pre-­‐Colonial (800-­‐1860)
Colonial (1860-­‐1960)
Modern Nigeria (1960-­‐Present)
Additional Content to include:
Geographic features of Nigeria

Economic challenges of Nigeria

How to get started:
You should use the Internet to research the different historical eras of Nigeria’s history, paying special attention to interesting facts.
Use recording software, such as Audacity to record the audio  and add music.

Rubric: History of  Nigeria-­‐30 points
Additional Content -­‐30 points
Script 250-­‐350 words-­‐20 points
Audio with music no more than 2 minutes in length-­‐20 points



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