Questions for Thought

Buoyant Eggs

You are on a vacation in Las Vegas and while you are there, you and your family attend a magic show. For the grand finale, the magician takes two glasses of water and places them on the table. He then takes an egg and drops it in one glass of water and it sinks right to the bottom. He takes the egg out of the glass and places it into the second glass of water and it floats! Everyone is impressed by the magician’s trick, except for you. You immediately know how he managed his magic! Explain how the magician performed his trick from a scientific example. What is another way he can design his experiment to impress the scientific community? Be creative!!!

Water, Water, Everywhere…
Over 70% of our world is covered by water, but this water is salt water! What are some ways that we can take the salt out or desalinate the sea water to provide plentiful freshwater?