Review Mexico

Review Questions

The lack of development in a modern country is most likely based on dependency theory?

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The country has been blocked by the greed of more developed countries.




For most of the 20th century, the government of Mexico was characterized by

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one party rule




Until the 1940s, all presidents of Mexico were

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military generals




The caudillos who rrose to power in Mexico in the early 20th century organized the political system through a development of a

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patron-client system



Under PRI state corporatism, the government accepted feedback from what three types of interest groups?

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businesses, labor, rural landowners



The traditional Mexican rule of the sexenio was instituted to prevent what?

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a dictator from ruling for an indefinite period



PAN has generally supported the policy initiatives _________________.

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A strong indication that more women in Mexico are participating in politics is the fact that two major political parties have sponsored women as presidential candidates.
The main ethnic cleavage in Mexico today is between Amerindians and mestizos.
The single most important event that stabilized Mexico after the chaos of the early 20th century was the:
Establishment of the PRI
Adoption of the Constitution of 1917
“Mexican Miracle”
Emergence of tecnicos
Which of the following in NOT an accurate statement about Mexico’s demographic features?
A large number of people live along the coasts
Very few Mexicans live in large cities
A large number of people live close to the border between Mexico and the United States.
Mexico’s population is still increasing
The 2009 mid-term elections changed the composition of the legislature by
Increasing PRI’s representation in the Chamber of Deputies
Returning control of the Senate to PRI
Giving PAN control of both legislative bodies
Increasing PRD’s representation in the Chamber of Deputies
The development of an independent judiciary in Mexico is hindered because there is no institution in place to exercise judicial review.

Determine which Native American Civilization fits each description (Highlight the table to reveal the answers.)


Developed 365 days calendar
Maya Developed hieroglyphics
Olmec Built drainage systems
Aztec Built an empire
Olmec carved statues and jewelry
Aztec sun stone calendar
Olmec First civilization in Americas
Maya Painted wall murals
Aztec Built a city on a lake between two islands
Aztec Created floating gardens
Olmec Grew maize
Maya Built pyramids