RNA Study Guide

    1.  List at least three main differences between RNA and DNA.
    2. What is the one job in which most RNA molecules are involved?
    3. Fill in this table:
      Type Function
      Carries copies of the instructions for assembling amino acids from DNA to the rest of the cells
      Ribosomal RNA (rRNA)
      Transfers each amino acid to the ribosome to help assemble proteins
    4.  Indicate the letter of each sentence that is true about transcription.
      a. codons are composed of four amino acids
      b. both sides of DNA are copied in transcription
      c. transcription begins at a start codon and ends at a stop codon
      d. transcription utilizes uracil in place of thymine
    5. Proteins are made by joining _______________ into long chains called polypeptides.
    6. How can only four bases in RNA carry instructions for 20 different amino acids?
    7. What is a codon?
    8. Indicate the letter of the number of possible three-base codons.
      a. 4
      b. 12
      c. 64
      d. 128
    9. Is the following sentence true or false?
      All amino acids are specified by only one codon.
    10. What occurs during the process of translation?
    11. Where does translation occur?
    12. Many proteins are____________________ , which catalyze and regulate chemical reactions.
    13. Is the following sentence true or false?
      Genes are the keys to almost everything that living cells do.
    14. What are mutations?
    15. Mutations that occur at a single point in the DNA sequence are ______________________ mutations.




Georgia Virtual Learning Activity: http://cms.gavirtualschool.org/Shared/Science/BiologyI/DNA_and_RNA/DNA_RNA11.html