Spanish Assessment

Part 1 – Translate five of these into Spanish.

1. Do you have another exam? No, I don’t have any exams today.
2. Are you a singer? Yes, I am an excellent singer. Music is my life.
3. Portuguese is easy. Englishmen do not speak much. Cats are independent.
4. He lives in Mexico city, but he is not Mexican. He is a poet and a dentist.
5. Professor Vélez studies tourism in modern Spain.
6. The bad thing is that there are some people without any talent in the program.
7. Another example is politics—there is a certain kind of people who hate the subject.
8. Ruben Blades’ songs explore the good, the bad and the ugly of life.
9. Indigenous people from Ecuador have a voice in the government’s decisions.
10. Doctor Hernandez has an accent and she does not understand idioms.
11. We respect freedom and order because we think [that] they are necessary.
12. The interesting thing is that Mr. Rodriguez goes to jail on Fridays.
13. Mr. López is in jail because he does not have a visa. What a pity! He needs some help.

Part 2

Translate into Spanish.

1. I am Peruvian, I’m from the city of Lima. Many tourists visit my country.
2. Is he an architect? Does he have a license? He’s not a typical architect.
3. Friends are important; love is necessary; accents are another part of Spanish.
4. The interesting thing about (de) the short story is the magic. The bad thing is the difficulty.
5. What a beautiful morning! A certain subject (topic). Half a program.