Using the Reading Course Block for High School English

We used to have just “English” courses, but then they were split into individual Reading and Language Arts subjects. In high school, we merged them back together into one course. I however still have those courses listed both in the reading and language arts course blocks on My EP Assignments. I’d like to take the high school English courses off the language arts block and have them found in just one place.

So, if you happen to be using the language arts course block to access your high school English course, please switch that to the Reading block. If you happen to use different courses in those two blocks, you can use the Extras page to add on an additional English course.

Here’s a video of me explaining this and showing how to switch from the Language Arts block to the Reading block. There are instructions and pictures below the video.

If your high school English course is currently displayed in the language arts subject box, you will see this message in the box when you view it from your Settings page. “Starting with Literature and Composition I, reading and language arts are the same course. Please use the Reading course block.” Scroll down to the unused courses list at the bottom of your Settings page and click “Reading.”

Look at the lesson number listed for the English course you are currently using and type that into the box next to “Change Lesson Number for Course” in the new course you just added.

Delete the old course by clicking the red X in the top right corner.