What is Biology?

Biology is the study of living things.

Unifying Principles of Modern Biology

Although the number of branches of Biology is staggering, there are five basic understandings about living things that unite all fields of Biology:

Why Study Biology?

Well, if you aren’t already interested in one (or more) of the fields of Biology, this course will help you learn about the process of science so that you can make informed decisions.

Will you be a scientist? Maybe, or maybe not. In either case, you can learn to think critically, solve problems, and assess information.

There is a great deal of information about life and living things that students need to know and be able show others. Why?

Knowing words, facts, ideas, and other information is helpful. A well-informed citizen must be able to think. To do that one needs to know what is important. Being informed gives one more choices in life.

Showing what is known or has been learned is also extremely important. It is not enough to simply memorize facts. Everyone must be able to successfully apply what has been learned. Doing so may involve:

  • explaining or demonstrating a process (a step-by-step way of doing something)
  • conducting a performance (complete a task or assigned work)
  • making products or evidence of learning (composing an essay, creating a picture of video, etc..)
  • explaining an idea from a different or new perspective