What is Oceanography?

Oceanography is a branch of Earth science which outlines the study of the Earth’s oceans and seas. Oceanography includes a variety of topics such as plate tectonics, ocean currents, and marine organisms. The study of oceanography requires the understanding of several other sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics, meteorology, and geology.

The four main branches of oceanography include geological oceanographychemical oceanographyphysical oceanography, and marine oceanography. We will study each of these branches in detail throughout this course.

* Geological oceanography is the study of the shape and the geological features of the ocean floor.

Day 1.1

* Chemical oceanography discusses seawater composition and the related biochemical cycles.

Day 1.2

* Physical oceanography discusses the properties of temperature, density and pressure of seawater. Physical oceanography also discusses wave characteristics and the forces that cause tides.

Day 1.3

* Marine oceanography involves the study of the plants and animals of the sea, including life cycles and food production.

Day 1.4