World History Review

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 Byzantine Empire


What Roman Emperor founded the “Byzantine Empire”? In what year?

Constantine, 312

What was the name of the city of ‘Byzantium’ changed to?


What was “Justinian’s Code” and what was its significance?

a set of laws, influenced laws

Who was Justinian’s wife and why is she important in World History?

Theodora, major adviser to Justinian

What Russian city was heavily influenced by the Orthodox Christianity of the Byzantine Empire?


Who was the head of the Byzantine Church?


What was the official split between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church called?

Great Schism

What Islamic group captured Constantinople in 1453 and renamed it ‘Istanbul’?

Ottoman Turks


The Mongols


Who united the Mongol clans into one community?

Genghis Khan

What country did the Mongols conquer in 1250?


What Italian traveler visited the Mongol Empire in the late 1200’s?

Marco Polo

What trade routes did the Mongols restabilize in the 1200’s?

silk roads

What is the term for the period of peace brought about by the Mongols in Asia between 1250 and 1350 called?

Pax Mongolica


Islamic Empire


Who founded the Islamic Religion in the 600’s?


What is the term for an “Islamic Holy War”?


What two branches did the Islamic religion split into?

Sunni and Shiite

Who became the first African leader to visit Muslim countries in the 1300’s?

Ibn Battuta

What Islamic man was well known for his advances in medicine?

Ibn Sina


The Crusades


What Pope called for the first crusade in 1297?

Pope Urban II

What was to be the purpose of the Crusades?

Take Jerusalem away from the Muslims

How many major crusades were there between 1197 and 1250?


What Christian city was often “sacked” and looted by the Christian Knights on their way to the Middle Easy?


What was the major effect of the Crusades?

increased trade, ideas and inventions brought back into western Europe, increased religious hatred between Muslims and Christians