One thing this curriculum does not prepare your child for is to enter public school. I want to help people get out of the public school system, not back in.

Public schools do not have to recognize the courses you’ve completed homeschooling. This is most important in high school. Colleges are used to seeing transcripts from unaccredited schools, but your accredited local public high school is not. It is up to the local school whether or not to accept your credits which can put your child behind for graduating.

I don’t want at all to discourage anyone from homeschooling high school. Homeschooling will allow your children to specialize in their areas of interest. They can personalize their course load, find work or internships in their field, and have the time to put in the hours that will get them ahead. It will also keep you close to help maintain a close relationship while they are navigating these important years.

Here’s a video intended to encourage homeschoolers to keep on through high school. (It’s by Lee Binz, my go-to for questions about homeschooling high school.)

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