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Growing up I participated in National History Day competitions, where you research a topic and present your research. I was in the Media category and did slide shows. Very old fashioned now! I also did speech competitions. So, here’s me trying to recreate a piece of my childhood. 🙂

Right now I have chosen three competitions: science, history, writing. There’s a cost to enter because I want quality submissions and I want to offer prizes!

They will be held throughout the year. The dates for submissions are on the EP Competition page, found under the About in the menu. The first up is the spring competition, short stories. In the fall, there will be a science fair. In the winter, it will be history, where you will make a video on your topic.

Start brainstorming! And share the news! It will be better the more we have involved. It’s for homeschoolers ages 8 – 17.

In one week I’ll start accepting short story submissions for our first EP competition. Submissions will be accepted from April 15th to May 15th and can be made by any homeschool student, so spread the word! I’m planning cash prizes for eight winners.

Details are on the site.

3 thoughts on “EP Competitions

  1. Savannah M April 24, 2019 / 5:18 am

    quick q ; are mentions / traces of cults / other religions considered too inappropriate for this contest ?

  2. Dr. Boom November 26, 2020 / 7:54 am


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