EP Is Free

Please know that EP is free. If you are paying for access to these lessons, you are being scammed. If they are promising other services, please make sure that the customers are actually getting those things and that they are worth what you are paying for them! We provide helps on the site for choosing and setting up courses. For high schoolers, we make grading easy; we provide example and blank transcripts you can fill out. All free.

We also have thousands of families in our facebook groups. There are generous homeschoolers out there willing to help you get started, help you understand record keeping, and so on, so that you can know what you’re doing without having to pay someone. If you aren’t on facebook, you can post on our support page or email the site.

I know that there are schools using the curriculum. That’s fine as long as they are not charging for the curriculum, just the services they are providing. We would hope they would make it clear to parents what the curriculum is and where it comes from. That’s what we tell them when we are asked about using our curriculum.

While EP is free, EP runs on donations. We appreciate all your gifts. You are part of making this free curriculum possible. We’re helping families and schools all around the globe. It’s meant to be a blessing, so let us know of anyone using it with any other intent and we’ll try to help families avoid those situations. This curriculum is a gift for everyone, but especially to the body of Christ. Let’s take care of each other.

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